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About Me

My name is Jordyn but I go by JD. I grew up in a small town in the state of Maine.  Hockey, hicks and Chippewas were anything but ordinary.  And driving 35 minutes to a grocery store was normal.

I am an older sister to my 18 year old brother, Ethan.  I used to pinch him a lot when I was younger for laughs, he now returns the favor.

After I finished High School and College I moved to Florida to follow my dream of helping people get fit, eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle over all.  Mind, body and spirit. in 2016 I moved to Canada and shortly met my husband Steven.  We now have a beautiful baby boy, Nathan Alexander.  We now live in Montreal where there’s lots to do, stores within walking distance and road rage taking a whole new meaning.

I took a break from the fitness industry for a while due to being sucked into the self body shaming/sabotage and became a tattoo artist which I fell completely in love with.

I now tattoo, train myself and mom full time, hoping to shed light on the misconception of “I have no time as a mom” BS, and you can be “fit” (whatever that notion is to you) without killing yourself.  If I can do it, you can too !


I mainly created this blog to help moms-a-like realize that they, too, can do the things they love, take care of themselves and be the best mom possible with a little patience and motivation. I share my sarcasm and immaturity vicariously through this blog. Not all bloggers/mom’s drive minivans and use proper English wearing jorts.

20 Facts About Me

  1. I have a GoldenDoodle, Boston and Pitbull, Riley
  2. I took sign language in High School ofr 2 years.  I know how to sign “yes” and “no”. Ya, I was a scholar.
  3. My favorite color is Red and Black.  Everything Black.
  4. My husband and son are Canadian/Italian. Family functions are fun…and loud.
  5. I’m a Bruins fan and Steven is a Habs fan.  We have fun during games, mostly because the Habs are terrible and they do the speaking for me.
  6. I used to compete in bikini competitions then decided that eating 1000 calories a day and 3 hours in the gym daily probably wasn’t healthy.
  7. I now am a competitive Powerlifter.  Nothing beats setting a PR (Personal Record) to beat yourself, and no one else.
  8. I played hockey since I was 9 years old, my number was 9 all the way through college.
  9. I was a vegetarian for almost 2 years but…lobster…and steak..
  10. I’m very artistic.
  11. I like country music but also death metal.
  12. I hated school and school hated me.
  13. I shaved my head last year and am now growing it out.  One of the worst decisions of my life.  I strongly suggest not shaving your head if you plan to grow it out later.  It’s the most shitty, awkward, face fattening phase ever.
  14. I crack my knuckles with pleasure, no I don’t have arthritis.
  15. I never wanted kids.  Like ever.  Until I met Steven and experienced the joy of being pregnant. I say “joy” very loosely.
  16. I am a Patriots fan. #GOAT
  17. I’m a tomboy and swear like a sailor.
  18. Regardless of the above statement, I love makeup and want to be best friends with Jeffree Starr.  He’s fabulous.
  19. I got bucked off a horse once when I was 12.  I’ve never touched one since.
  20. Steven and I got married after only 6 months of dating and found out we were pregnant after only 2.  It was very unexpected but we make an amazing team as husband and wife and parents. #noragrets.

Professional (but not so much) Bio

When Jordyn isn’t blogging or momming she can be found at the gym, cooking or “Netflix and Chill”-ing.  You will not find her dancing in pajams alone in her kitchen blasting Justin Timberlake and cooking pancakes.

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