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9 Baby NEEDS: Keeping Baby and Mommy Happy and Sane

Activity Center

A short time ago I was putting my baby registry together for my first kiddo.  I was so excited for all the cool things and shopping for baby.

Then I started shopping…and Jesus cripes was I confused on where to start and what I actually needed.  There were SO many things that were suggested to get and so many Pinterest Pins on “must haves” that I didn’t know what to do and I was getting frustrated.

How is a first time mom supposed to know what is actually going to be used and what will collect dust in the closet?

I put all the things that were suggested onto my registry and I actually got most of them at my shower!

But…I am unfortunately one of those moms that has a ton of things collecting dust in our closet.   Womp, womp, woooomp.

I am going to share my absolute needs and why.  Things I actually use and keep baby happy, snugly and smiling.  Not things that just look good on the page or on shelves.

There will be some affiliate links associated with this page at no extra cost to you!!

I also did some research and found all these items wicked cheap so I am going to include a link at the end of this post 🙂


1. Ergo Baby Carrier

I love this carrier mostly because it goes from newborn to toddler.  Now Nathan isn’t a toddler yet but he is a big boy and I’ve already had to adjust it a size bigger.  There’s three carry positions and an adjustable waist belt.  Here are some other great benefits to the Ergobaby Baby Carrier.

Baby Carrier
Baby Carrier

2.  Summer Infant Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor

Now some of you may ask why the specific baby monitor.  Look, I know there are much better baby monitors out there, but after moving countries and paying for a lawyer to become legal here in Canada, we were on a budget.

I find that this monitor (against a few others we had that were complete crap) is the best choice.  This is because it has a long range of where they can be placed and still hear the baby (650 feet) unlike some where you go further than 10 feet and it’s like communicating to aliens in outer-space.  It has 2 way communication and a nightlight with a remote.

We had other cheaper monitors before but they crapped the bed within a month and had no warranty.  This monitor has a 2 year warranty.  So if it ever breaks or something is wrong with it you can bring it back to the store and they’ll give you a brand new one.  I highly suggest this baby monitor for parents on a budget. (This link is for 2 parent monitors and the baby one.  We just have the 1 and it is cheaper.)


Best Baby Monitor
Best baby Monitor

3.  Evenflo Bouncin’ Barnyard Activity Center

My MIL actually got this for us recently since Nathan is now old enough and let me tell you it has saved us from temper tantrums and given mom and dad some quiet time.  He absolutely loves this thing!

He rocks, spins and bounces like crazy while strengthening those little legs (and working off that adorable chunka legs) and it includes toys that help expand his mind.  It also converts easily for 3 different stages of growth!

Another thing that is amazing about this activity center is that it is so easily washable ! Everything is plastic and the seat easily comes out and can be washed by machine.  YES! Mom win!

Activity Center
Activity Center

4. Jolly Jumper

I am sure that most moms can attest to this but a Jolly Jumper is not only fun for baby but it is so fun for mom and dad to watch.  We find it so funny to see those little legs move like crazy!  We have the one that attaches to the door so it is easily moved from door to door and if we want to take it somewhere with us it’s very possible.

Jolly Jumper
Jolly Jumper

5. Musical Play Mat

This kind of goes with the jolly jumper and activity gym.  It keeps Nathan busy and so happy.

He can pull on the toys and they sing and play music!  You can also put a blanket underneath it and its great for tummy times.  That way your babes has something to look at when he lifts his head making him stronger.  Win win !  He plays with this for quite a while keeping him busy and using his motor skills at the same time. 🙂

Play Mat
Play Mat

6. 4Moms Momma Roo

This is a lifesaver when it comes to nap time and calming down.  The Mama Roo from 4moms bounces and sways just like you do when you’re comforting your baby.  It’s soft and provides plenty of entertainment with built-in music and toys and MP3 and Bluetooth compatibility.  I love technology sometimes 🙂 It’s also easy to put together and don’t worry !  If baby spits up or has any accidents on the swing, it zips out and is easily washable.



7. Pack N’ Play Playard

From birth even until now (I confess) Nathan sleeps in our room in the playard.  It’s much easier than building a crib in our room, taking it down, and then building it again in his own room down the road.

The Playard has a reversible napper and changing pad that is good for infants and smaller babies.  It easily snaps into place and turns around for whichever pad you want.

As Nathan got older we stopped using the changing pad and napper since he outgrew it.  We just use the playard without the added amenities.  The bottom pad of the playard can come up and secure closer to the top so it’s easier for mom and dad to get the baby instead of reaching all the way to the ground.  It also comes with hanging toys for baby to play with when lying down.

When Nathan grows we will be able to remove the pad and reveal the airy mesh playard for him to play with his toys.

This is also VERY easy to clean, has wheels to easily move and a bag that comes with it for when you want to travel.



8.  Baby Trend Stroller System

We chose this stroller because it was a 2 for 1.  It’s not only a stroller but also a car seat.  It’s also great because it has jogging wheels which means the wheels are way more durable and much bigger than a standard stroller.  They go over pot holes like a champ unlike regular strollers where the wheels hit one little pebble and it’s like the wheels on a grocery cart.  Next thing you know you’re kicking it every 5 seconds.

If you want to use the stroller all you have to do is click the car seat onto the stroller.  It’s as easy as that.  Once the baby gets bigger, the stroller turns into a toddler seat with straps.  So you don’t need the car seat to be able to access the stroller.

The only downfall of this is the car seat is good for babies up until 30 pounds so you will eventually have to buy a new car seat.  But again the stroller is accessible without it.

It also has cup holders,  a little compartment for your keys or phone and a big pocket at the bottom for your purse or diaper bag !

Note: I did look on Amazon and it is quite expensive on there for some reason.  But I will be posting a link below of all the cheapest items all together below 🙂



9. Swaddlers

I wrote a post about swaddlers a while back and how they saved our lives early on with Nathan.  If you have a hard time getting your baby to sleep…PLEASE PLEASE give these a try.  When baby is born they want to feel as close to mommy as they can get.  Or at least Nathan did.  Swaddling him made him feel close and snugged to me without actually being in my arms 247.  As soon as he got swaddled he knew it was na nights time and he was out like a light within 5 minutes.

They are so easy.  Just plop your babes on the swaddler and fold over each side.  They velcro together so your baby can’t easily get out of it waking him up instantly.  That was important.

Please click on the link to read how swaddlers and our routine got Nathan to sleep throughout the night in 2 months !!!



Now I literally use each and everyone one of these items everyday and myself and Nathan love them.  I am not that type of person to recommend something if it’s sh*t or doesn’t benefit you in some way or another.

These are items I would recommend putting on your baby registry because they will save you time, money, sleep and temper tantrums 🙂


Here is a link of all the above items I found at the cheapest price 🙂



  1. I have the same baby carrier, almost the same pack n play, and the same stroller system! I love the baby carrier especially now that Siah has moved up in size eliminating the use of his baby trend car seat!

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