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How I lost 35 pounds 4 Months Post Partum

Weight gain during pregnancy

So you gained weight during pregnancy, huh? Duh! it’s normal and healthy for you and your little one. But it’s the extra pounds that you gained that you’re stressed about. I gained 28 pounds and I had a hard time losing it at first.  I know you’re thinking “the title says 35 pounds, what the hell Jordyn.” But I have lost an extra ten pounds from applying these new habits to my every day routine!  I had to change my eating habits, my physical activity and even my mentality.

I was 160 at the beginning of my pregnancy and was 188 by the end.  According to the doctor that was normal.  But for me, I was always a relatively small person, I worked out regularly and was a very active person before.  So 28 pounds seemed like a lot.

I couldn’t work out because I was COMPLETELY worn out just from walking, I ate whatever I wanted because I used the excuse that I was pregnant and baby needed ice cream all the time. (I have a sweet tooth. It was a good excuse at the time lol ) and some days I layed in bed all day with no physical activity.

I had gone from a competitive athlete to a slug.  And I carried those habits with me for weeks after I had Nathan.  I was 188 pounds, the heaviest I’ve ever weighed and I was so ashamed of myself that I didn’t want to look in the mirror.

*Side Note : I know having a baby requires gaining weight but after having Nathan I only lost 9 pounds. Nathan was 8.10 oz so I know I had gained some fat.


I knew that my habits needed to change otherwise I’d be a couch potato forever and complain about myself all day, everyday.  My husband has a lot of patience haha.

So what did I have to change? How could I lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF, not gain it all back in a few months like I have previously done before.

before and after pregnancy
Before and after pregnancy

Here’s some simple but effective ways I lost the baby weight and kept it off.

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1. I Drank Water.

This may seem like a no brainer but when I was pregnant, I will sadly admit that I never drank water. I hate water. I always have and I’m terrible at it.  So what I did this time was I either chugged it to get it down ( I eventually stopped this because it’s just simply not enjoyable) or I used lemon or BCAA’s added to my water.  Lemon just gives it a bit of flavor so it’s easier to get down.  BCCA’s or Branch Chain Amino Acids not only give the water flavor but also benefits like muscle recovery, electrolytes, it’s sugar-free and has zero calories.  Great alternative to juices too because they have so many flavors. My favorite is Blue Raspberry 🙂

2. I Didn’t Count Macros Or Calories

This was something that was very hard for me, and still is at times.  But with my history of eating disorders and obsession with counting numbers, I knew this was going to fail for me MENTALLY.

I used to count macros or calories and get so upset if I didn’t reach my goal number or if I went over them. I would then obsess about it, spend countless hours at the gym, not eat as much the next day, beat myself up or binge eat.  This caused stress, lack of sleep, a low thyroid and unhealthy habits.  No good for loosing body fat.

I started intuitively eating for health and wellness reasons.  This means lots not counting calories but eating when I was hungry.  I consume lots of veggies, complete protein sources and “clean” (I hate this word) carbs.  This means that I focused more on carbs that came from the ground or that weren’t processed.  For example, potato, rice, quinoa and oatmeal.

I also ate healthier fats like coconut oil and avocado.  I used to just eat lots of peanut butter, it’s like crack lol.  Peanut butter isn’t bad for you but you need to get other types of fat in your diet.

Speaking of peanut butter, I also had to limit nuts and nut butters.  They are healthy for you but a whomping 2 Tablespoons of nut butter or 1/4 C of nuts can add up to 2-300 calories real quick, and it’s not filling.

3. I Stopped Taking Ridiculous Fat Burners and “Magic Pills”

I used to actually think this would actually work.  Even as a Nutrition Specialist I should of known this was bullsh*t.  But I saw so many fitness inspos and influencers taking them that I got sucked into the hypnotizing mentality.  Now I know they were just representing them to make money.  And unfortunately that IS ALL IT IS!! So please don’t make the mistake I did and don’t believe everything you see on social media.  Cut out the unnecessary pills.

These magic pills are just hurting your insides more than anything.  They may make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside but most dehydrate you (whether you drink water or not), kill your adrenal glands, and make you mentally crazy.

This goes for Garcinia Cambogia too.  Sorry Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz

I take a simple Multivitamin for vitamins and minerals I don’t get in my food, a fish oil for brain and bone health and the BCAA’s.  It’s seriously all you need.  But make sure they are healthy supplements ! These “fitness people” with their “cocktail” of vitamins in the morning…  RELAX, it’s ridiculous and not needed at all.

4. I stopped working out 5-6 days a week and doing loads of cardio

I know, you’d think working out a lot and burning lots of calories would help you lose weight. But this was far from the truth and took me a lot of time (and failures) to realize this.  There’s a few problems with this mentality.

  • If you’re eating like a bird and working out too much and doing loads of cardio, you’re burning out your adrenal glands. (Like being stressed 247)
  • It can hurt your thyroid if done over a long period of time.  (The thyroid regulates everything in the bod)
  • It’s Exhausting!!!!!!!

I did this for a while hoping I’d lose the weight fast.  I did.  But gained it all back later on because it wasn’t sustainable.

I started weight training 3-4x a week with two 20 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions per week.  I saw massive results in a short amount of time and it was a lot easier on me physically and mentally.

You can check out how to utilize HIIT here !

5. I Stopped Focusing On The Scale

This one is quite simple.  I rarely check the scale and this is why.  The scale does not tell you if you gained/lost any muscle or gained/lost any fat.  It’s just a number.  If you’re weight training you’re most likely going to gain some muscle which helps the metabolism.  Meaning…you’re metabolism is getting better/faster and you’re losing body fat! Yay!

Track your progress by taking progress pictures or what I do is gauge the way my clothes fit.  I find this is best because it’s so rewarding to see pants getting looser other than getting discouraged by not seeing the number on the scale move down.

YAY! Shopping Spree!

I went from a size 11 to size 4-6 in 4 months so far 🙂

6. Eat “Junk” Once In A While

Yes, you can eat your cake and have it too…or however that saying goes.

People that tell you that you can’t have “cheat meals” or that pizza you’ve been craving for 3 weeks is setting you up for failure.  I will tell you why..

Eating your favorite foods or eating “junk food” isn’t beneficial just health wise but MENTALLY!  Let me ask you…

If you remove a certain food from your diet for weeks or months on end, when you get that food are you going to have just a little bit of it? NO!! You’re going to eat all that pizza, the pizza sticks, and the box.

If you tell yourself that you have discipline just because you’re not eating a piece of pizza, you’re do I put this nicely…crazier than child on 5 pounds of sugar.  But seriously…

Indulging on your favorite “unhealthy foods” is good for your mental state, your SOUL.  If you keep telling your self that you cant have this food or you cant have that food, once you finally get it, You. Will. Go. Crazy. With. It.  and most likely binge, fall off the band wagon and gain unwanted weight that could of easily been avoided.

My suggestion, eat the damn piece of pizza.  If you’re invited somewhere or go out with friends just manage what you eat.  Instead of having 2 or 3 pieces of pizza have 1.  No 1 meal will make you fat just like 1 meal will make you lose weight.  Same goes with anything else, cake, chocolate, ice cream.

Eat a cup of ice cream or half of the chocolate bar.  This will help with your cravings, give you the satisfaction and avoid the unwanted weight gain 🙂

Pizza is good for you

7. Last But Not Least, I Stopped Focusing On “Good” and “Bad” Foods.

This kind of goes with number 6.  I always thought that things that came in a box or was processed was a bad food.  This is not true.  They may have less nutrients or vitamins and minerals in them but that does not mean that they aren’t healthy.  Let me just put this into perspective for you.

Calorie Comparison

These two foods have the same amount of calories. Now I’m not saying I’m going to eat gummies all the time but if I want them, I will have them.  I try to stick to the 80/20 rule.  80% health benefiting foods and 20% fun foods.  And I stick to this everyday, not every week.  I like my Caramel dipped granola bars 🙂

So dang, if you want a cupcake every day, go for it! Just compliment it with nutrient rich foods 🙂


What To Take From This ?

Eat when you’re hungry, eat foods that will help your body and goals, don’t focus on the scale, and enjoy your fun foods once in a while.  People make this harder than it actually is, myself included.  But bring yourself back down to earth, keep it simple, and don’t be so hard on yourself.  It’s not about the destination, its about the journey !!








    • TWINS!? Oh my! I praise you haha ! It takes time , it’s okay to take your time. Thank you for reading !

  1. These are great tips. After my second child I lost 100lbs. Once I had my third child, losing weight has not been as easy. I definitely need to make sure I am drinking more water and focusing on the 80/20 rule!

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